Enterprise Modeling tool exhibition will take place in parallel with other PoEM 2013 and BSC 2013 activities on November 5-6, 2013

Free of charge event, location Kaļķu 1, Riga

Information about Participants

Atoll Technologies

Atoll Technologies is a private company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Atoll embraces experts and programmers who believe that practical IT solutions can help businesses to achieve their goals. SAMU is an Enterprise Architecture Management tool providing the highest level of flexibility to companies that do not want to face limits when establishing their EA practices and corporate EA Repositories.

The company will showcase the tool and present a case study EAM - the Enabler of Enterprise Transformation

No Magic

No Magic, Inc. is the vendor of the award winning software modeling tool MagicDraw. No Magic operates worldwide; their software development facilities are located in the EU (Kaunas, Lithuania) and Thailand (Bangkok). The product family of their flagship MagicDraw product encompasses wide variety of offerings spanning from model-based UML drawing tool to the team-based software design environment featuring code engineering, model transformations and visual differencing.

The company will showcase the tool and give a tutorial Efficient Use of BPMN

BOC Group

The BOC Group is a technological leader in IT-based management tools and offers consulting services in the areas of Strategy and Performance Management, Business Process Management, and IT Management. They operate internationally with their company headquarters based in Vienna and with several offices in Germany, Greece, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland. The core task of their tool/platform ADONIS is to continually improve Process and Business Performance in organisations by building an integrated management system and providing transparent information for decision making.

The company will showcase the tools and give a tutorial Conceptual Model Value Creation with ADOxx



The company provides Web based easy deployable (or ready for use with their SaaS option), low cost of ownership, collaborative, standards based enterprise modeling tool with flexible meta model, integrated analysis and reporting (report writer, document composition), comprehensive security, and easy sharing (generate freestanding web sites, host multiple live portals, embed live content in intranet pages).

The company will showcase the tool.

Studio LV


SIA Studio LV is a vendor of the recognized business management tool leader, QPR Software Plc. QPR Software is specialized in operational development of private and public sector organizations. Their mission is to help customers to become agile and efficient in their operations. They offer software and services in areas of enterprise architecture development, process modeling and analysis as well as performance management. QPR Software has more than 1,500 customers in over 50 countries and shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. The primary customer benefits of their services and products are linked to business process management (BPM) and to performance management (PM) in the following areas: Enterprise Architecture (QPR Enterprise-Architect) allows successful linkage of business and IT by modeling and planning organization’s processes, information, applications and technology. Process Analysis (QPR ProcessAnalyzer) helps to understand the organization’s true processes. Process Analysis is executed from the event data found in operative systems, like ERP and CRM. Business Process Modeling (QPR ProcessDesigner) provides a base for systematic process development and improvement. Successful Performance Management (QPR Metrics) can be achieved by measuring performance according to set targets.

The company will showcase the tool and present a case study.